Clinic Solution

We make you hasslefree from all administrative and financial activities so that you can focus more on Clinical side for better patient care. You can manage you all activities within your clinic or Other Hospitals with single App. You can use automated billing and Reminders. With HealthVollet’s communication Messenger you can engage patients efficiently.

Clinic Solution

Patient Management and Integration with HIS

Easy Patient Appointment scheduler , Patient Information management. EHR can be integrated with existing Hospital Information system.

Doctor Encounter Notes -Observation ,symptoms, Assessment and Treatment

Doctor can update or View Patient health and Medical records realtime basis using Tab and Click technology. HealthVollet’s EHR is intelligent enough to make Encounter Note easily.

Laboratory Reports

Doctor can e-Precribe Laboratory tests and the same can be updated by Laboratory. Doctor can see the Lab Repors on realtime basis.

Radiology Reports

Radiology Reports and images can be retrieved by doctor easily for faster diagnosis and haslefree.


Fast comunication and important reminders can be automatically be set to save doctor’s time and attention.

Patient Health records

Patient’s history-Diseases, social and family history can be updated quickly for proper treatment.

E prescription of medicines

Accurate ePrescription of medicines can be done with proper dosage and instructions.


Major specialty modules help doctor in quicker and accurate patient treatment and care.


Accurate billing and payment is made simpler.

Mobile Access

Access complete medical records and patient information anytime and anywhere with Mobile access to Patient and Doctors.

Data Security

With our secured data security algorithm all patient records are secured on our cloud.

Artificial Intelligence and Preventive analytics

Our advance artificial intelligence and Preventive analytics help you various patient care and error preventions