Lab and Radiology

Fully automated and Integrated solution for Realtime and accurate Reporting. With our MtoM technologies you can connect your medical devices for faster and acurate results which saves cost and time. Better reporting to Doctors . Results can be reported realtime to Doctors and Patients in critical care. Accurate Billing and patient management with complete Lab process flow with Bar coding.

Lab and Radiology

Patient Management and Integration with HIS

Easy Patient Appointment scheduler , Patient Information management. EHR can be integrated with existing Hospital Information system.

Automated Laboratory flow

A Completely automated flow of Laboratory -Sample collection-Bar Code sampling- Sample collection -reporting by technician and authetication by Doctor. Realtime reporting to doctor.

Radiology Reports

Realtime receiving Eprescription of Radiology orders from doctors. Quick reporting through pre defined advnaced templates. Realtime reporting to Doctors and patient.


Fast comunication and important reminders can be automatically be set to save doctor’s time and attention.

Patient Health records

Patient’s history-Diseases, social and family history can be updated quickly for proper treatment.

Integration with Lab and Radiology Machines

Faster and accurate workflow due to integration with Machines

International Standards

Compiant with International standards and protocols-Diacom, HL7.


Accurate billing and payment is made simpler.

Mobile Access

Access complete medical records and patient information anytime and anywhere with Mobile access to Patient and Doctors.

Data Security

With our secured data security algorithm all patient records are secured on our cloud.